Website Development

We build useful & engaging web products.

From a simple website to promote your business, or building a great ecommerce website, through to complex web applications & platforms - we've got you covered.

Our Web Development Process

Every client and project is different, but this is the process we find works best when the project is reasonably well defined. If you're in uncharted territory we can assist with project definition. For that, take a look at our Startup Support.

1. Brief and Proposal

We'll meet with you to discuss your requirements and review any specifications you've already prepared, then develop a proposal including detailed steps, costings and timeline.

2. Easy Wins

Once a project is underway, we recommend a quick review of any existing technology choices as we often find easy wins that save our clients time or money. If you'd like us to look for easy wins, we'll put together a short list of recommendations, their benefits and the time/cost involved for each. You can then have us put some or all of these into effect for you before starting on the main project.

3. Design & User Experience

We'll pair you with one of our design & user-experience team to make sure the website is functional, easy to use and looks amazing. We have a network of top notch designers that we work with, so we'll choose the person right for the job based on the type of product and look & feel you're going for.

4. Development

Once designs are finalised we move into development - actually building the webiste. We work with modern, proven frameworks and tools to make sure the websites we develop not only look great, but scalable, secure and work on all the devices they're likely to be used on (adaptive/responsive).

5. Testing

Aside from our own internal testing, throughout development we'll make the site available on a staging server for you to test and review. This means any issues can be caught early, and once development is finished, we have a final round of testing before being ready to launch.

6. Launch

Launching a new or updated website often coincides with marketing and other comms. We'll work with you on the scheduling and communication to make sure your users are well informed and with minimal interruption. Need help with getting the message out there? We can also help with digital advertising.

7. Management & Maintenance

Once your site is live, we can provide ongoing management and maintenance to keep the site secure, and if the lights should go out for some reason, someone is on call to resolve the issue and get the site back up and running again. This includes a range of website hosting options.

8. New Features

With the new site live and managed, we can work with you on your product roadmap - developing new features, retention & engagement initiatives, or move into some of the other services we offer such as a mobile app or augmented/virtual reality.

Already made progress?

We can skip or modify steps to fit with your project.

Let's Do This!

If you're interested in working with Honed Digital to have your ideas brought into reality, let's meet up to discuss!

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