The Story Behind Honed Digital

Jon and Luke started working together in 2010, when Jon was the CTO of Pollenizer and Luke had just returned from 4 years in Silcon Valley. Shortly after meeting they built DashLuxe, a successful fashion eCommerce company, then started working on tools to help distributed teams work more effectively together, a platform called Honed.

While building Honed, Jon and Luke found that people wanted them to integrate the platform into their own technology, and Honed Digital was born. Since then, Honed Digital has branched out to encompass all their areas of expertise, and has come to include a network of highly skilled designers, developers and product experts.

Luke Watson

Serial Entrepreneur
Product-Marketing Expert

Founding Team of 3 Acquisitions
Advisor to 1 IPO, 1 Acquisition

4 years in Silicon Valley
Founder Institute Mentor.

Luke Watson

Co-Founder / CEO

Jon Tyson

Software Architect
Full-Stack Engineer

CTO, Spreets (Acquired, $40M)
CTO, Pollenizer
Head of Engineering, Kazaa

Interim-CTO for 100+ Startups.

Jon Tyson

Co-Founder / CTO