We build eCommerce businesses that work.

We’ve built and advised dozens of eCommerce websites, including some of Australia’s biggest eCommerce success stories (like Spreets and Temple & Webster).


Our eCommerce Process

With such a wide range of ecommerce platforms out there, the platform, strategy and approach you take can get you on the right path from day 1.

1. Brief and Proposal

We'll meet with you to discuss your requirements and review any specifications you've already prepared, then develop a proposal including detailed steps, costings and timeline.

2. eCommerce Platform Selection

Once we know exactly what the requirements of the project are, we'll recommend the most suitable eCommerce platform to build you website on.

We'll explain the basis of our recommendations, but these will typically include factors like the expected scale, the need for multiple store fronts, number of SKU's, product variations and whether an integrated point of sale (POS) system is also going to be needed.

3. Design & User Experience

We'll pair you with one of our design & user-experience team to make sure the website is functional, easy to use and looks amazing. We have a network of top notch designers that we work with, so we'll choose the person right for the job based on the type of product and look & feel you're going for.

4. Development

Next we'll implement your design & functionality into the agreed eCommerce platform. Depending on individual requirements, this might be developing features from the group up, or making use of the extensive modules & plugins that exist, often providing convenient ways to get sites live sooner and for less.

5. Payment Gateway Integration

The choice of payment gateway will have been determined early on, and now is when we wire it up to your website. This will also be done in conjunction with you, and we'll be asking questions about which currencies you'd like to support and transaction fees charged by the Gateway companies.

6. Point of Sale

Some eCommerce platforms now offer convenient point of sale (POS) integration, ideal if you have both an eCommerce and brick & mortar store. If you've opted for a POS feature, here is where we'll get that connected and working alongside the rest of your eCommerce site.

7. Testing

Aside from our own internal testing, throughout development we'll make the site available on a staging server for you to test and review. This means any issues can be caught early, and once development is finished, we have a final round of testing before being ready to launch.

8. Launch

Launching a new or updated website often coincides with marketing and other comms. We'll work with you on the scheduling and communication to make sure your users are well informed and with minimal interruption. Need help with getting the message out there? We can also help with digital advertising.

9. Management & Maintenance

Once your site is live, we can provide ongoing management and maintenance to keep the site secure, and if the lights should go out for some reason, someone is on call to resolve the issue and get the site back up and running again. This includes a range of website hosting options.

Already made progress?

We can skip or modify steps to fit with your project.

Let's Do This!

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