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About Honed Digital

Honed Digital is a team of digital product experts, designers and developers. We work with our clients to provide high quality, end-to-end innovation, custom web & mobile application development, and integrations with the Honed platform.

We Build Meaningful Digital Products.

We're passionate about building world class digital products. Whether it's a website that promotes your company, an eCommerce business or if you're on your entrepreneurial journey and looking to work with experienced founders and developers.

We aren't about a cookie cutter approach either - each product is designed and developed to be specific to your needs and fit within your budget.

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Our Services

Lean Startup Validation

We can work with you to design and run fast, data-driven experiments to go from idea to a thoroughly validated idea.

Minimum Viable Products

MVP's are the fastest, cheapest way to get to market and start testing your assumptions with live, paying customers.

Product Development

This jumps into the detail of what to build so that everyone (you, designers, developers, etc.) are all running in the same direction.

User-Experience Design

UX is about not just making a site look good, but making is super easy, intuitive and enjoyable to use too.

Web Development

This is where the rubber hits the road. We use modern, proven technologies to build reliable, fast, adaptable websites.

Mobile Development

Yep "mobile is eating the world" - luckily we've been building mobile sites, apps and platforms since all the way back in 2000.

Our Process


Let's Do This!

If you're interested in working with the Honed team to have your digital ideas brought into reality, let's meet for a coffee to discuss!

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